Practical, encouraging coaching for the hardest job on earth

What I Offer

Free Consultation


Let's talk to see if we can solve some problems together. There's no obligation, and it would be nice to meet you.

Written Plan


Whether by phone or in your home, we'll get down to the nitty-gritty about what's working, and where you need help. I'll then write you a clear, personal plan of action.

Ongoing Coaching


Once you have your plan, I'm available to you by phone, email or text. We'll solve problems and find solutions. And you'll gain confidence as a mom.

Free phone consultation

Contact me

Click the button below to send me your phone number and a good time to call you. 

We'll talk

You can tell me about your family: what's working well for you, and what's not. I'll ask you a little about your vision for your home and family, and anything that really challenges you. (You can ask about me too if you want.)

I'll give you some advice

Maybe there's a problem I could help solve right away. Or maybe you just need to hear that what you're struggling through is really normal. In any case, it would be nice to get to know you. At the end of our call, if you'd like to dig deeper and create a plan that covers home organization, scheduling, education goals, child training, marriage strengthening and other topics, we can set up an in-depth consultation.


We'll set up a time

If you live in the Chicago or Cincinnati metro areas, I can come to visit you in your home. If you live elsewhere (or if it's more convenient), we can connect by phone or FaceTime.

We'll get down to the nitty gritty

We'll talk about everything you're concerned about: kids' behavior? betime bedlam? household management? chaotic schedules? home organization? parenting philosphy? stuggling learners? homeschooling?  Whatever is bothering you, we'll tackle. And I'll ask some good questions to help you figure out your choke points. This is a "no judgment zone" conversation. I'm here to help and encourage. 

I'll write down a plan

After our meeting I'll write a specific plan for your family with real, actionable steps to take. Your goals may be lofty, but often the steps to achieve them are very practicle. You'll have a written game plan.

Ongoing coaching $95/MONTH

After you receive your written plan

Once you have your plan, you might still want advice or encouragement in implementing it. I'm available by phone, email or text.

We can communicate as often as you like

If you choose monthly coaching, you're entitled to a 50-minute call each month, plus unlimited text or email coaching.

My goal is for your family to thrive

I want you to find joy in parenting and experience success in running a home. I've been doing just that for 32 years, and I know I can help you.

Interested in saving money?

Quarterly packages offer more coaching for less money. 


What kind of commitment do I need to make?

  • None. Contact me to set up a free phone consultation. There's no commitment. 
  • After we talk, if you decide it would be beneficial, I'll come to your home or reach you by phone for an in-depth consultation. I'll then create a personalized, written plan for you-- a set of action steps just for you and your family. You can take that plan and set it into motion in your home. 
  • If later you think you'd like some help or encouragement implementing the plan, we can commicate as much as you like on a monthly basis.

Does talking to a coach mean I'm a bad mom?

Actually, it's quite the opposite! A good mom realizes that raising a family is an exceedingly high calling, and a tremendously complicated endeavor.  A good mom will want advice on how to spend her limited time well so that her family will thrive. And a good mom realizes that she can be happy doing this job if she is coached well.

How do we get started?

Contact me to schedule a free phone consultation. There's no obligation, and I'd enjoy meeting you.  :)