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Here's my squad, over a decade ago when everyone lived at home. Scroll to the bottom to see us today!

overwhelmed? worried that you're a bad parent? Do you:

Wish your kids were happier?


Long for an organized home?


Stress about anxiety in children?


Worry about your kids' education?


Want to create family traditions?


Wish you had parenting advice?


so much goes into being a great mom

Ways I can help You

Parent Coaching and Marriage Advice

Your children can learn to honor and obey you. You can teach them to work hard, enjoy academics, and be content without electronics. Your kids can be creative, thoughtful people who grow up without anxiety or anger.  You can have happy kids. And your marriage can thrive in the challenging years of raising a family. You can become a team that faces obstacles together and builds an intergenerational legacy.

Food Planning and Preparation for Everyday or Big Events

A lot needs to be considered when feeding a family: dietary restrictions, health concerns, budget limitations, time constraints, picky eaters, meal variety, and mom's sanity. If you're hosting a party or large event, or trying to create sustainable family traditions, the challenge increases by an order of magnitude. I'll work with you to create a plan that will satisfy your family and guests, emotionally as well as gastronomically.

Educational Vision, Planning, and Implementation

I'll help you determine your educational goals for your children, and think through the steps to achieve those goals. Whether your kids are learning disabled or enabled, I can walk you through options. If you decide to homeschool, I'll assist you in choosing curriculum, setting up lesson plans, managing record-keeping, developing transcripts, assessing progress, diagnosing trouble spots, and even dealing with attitude problems. 

Home Organization

Do you have a messy house? I love creating order out of chaos! When I help organize a kitchen, playroom, closet or laundry room, it's with the end-user in mind. I arrange items so that kids (or husbands!) can find and return items easily. I design a room so that children can help with chores and can navigate without assistance. And I like everything to be beautiful. I find when a home is in order, children experience less anxiety and are happier.

Family Scheduling and Logistics for Long and Short-term Goals

Without a well-planned schedule for reaching your family's goals, the tyranny of the moment can rule your home. Then mom gets stressed with her kids, and the kids become anxious. I can work with you to create a flexible schedule for your family life that provides each member with meaningful responsibility, engaged learning, and blessed rest. Oh--and fun too.

Elder Care Advice

My family cared for an aged parent with Alzheimer's disease in our home for eight years. I can help you create a plan for managing the care of your loved one, either in your home or somewhere else. I also understand the deep emotional toll such a burden can take and have some experience keeping the family healthy during the often-tumultuous journey.

What I Offer

Free Consultation


Let's talk to see if we can solve some problems together. There's no obligation, and it would be nice to meet you.

Written Plan


Whether by phone or in your home, we'll get down to the nitty-gritty about what's working, and where you need help. I'll then write you a clear, personal plan of action.

Ongoing Coaching


Once you have your plan, I'm available to you by phone, email or text. We'll solve problems and find solutions. And you'll gain confidence as a mom.

You can be happy at home.

Your life at home can be full of friendship, excitement, order, and creativity. You can build a home that inspires and satisfies.

Your children can thrive.

Your children can feel loved, secure, and valued. You can confidently prepare them to be successful in the world.

Your marriage can be strong.

Your marriage doesn't need to suffer as you juggle all the responsibilities of a home and family. You can build a strong marriage as you do the hardest job on earth.


Does a full-time mom really need a coach?

My friend Karen, a mother of three and the highest-paid partner at one of Chicago's biggest law firms, once told me that she could never be a stay-at-home mom because it was so much more complicated than her work as an attorney.  If a lawyer could profit from a coach, a mom can even more.

Is a Mom Coach really worth the investment?

If your home isn't properly managed, you'll waste money on spoiled food, redundant purchases, and replacing lost items. If your schedule isn't disciplined, you'll spend extra money on gas, vehicle wear and tear, and fast food. If your kids or marriage are stressed, medical and counseling bills can pile up. Learning how to run a peaceful, organized home where everyone thrives is a small investment that pays big dividends.

How could a coach help me?

Researchers say that a typical mom works a 98-hour week; that's the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs. If a coach could help you redeem 20 hours a week, think how your life would change.  Of course, it goes without saying, you'd get more sleep. But beyond that, you'd have much more time for doing things that bring you joy.

Strong Happy Family Parenting Coaching mom coach


It's a family where each member lives respectfully, pursues interests heartily, and knows unquestioningly that he or she is loved. A strong happy family is not quiet, but it is peaceful. It is not sterile, but it is orderly. It is not silly, but it is funny. It's a place where kids are secure enough to go off the beaten trail, but thoughtful enough to travel there without annoying others. A strong happy family values ideas and people, not possessions and entertainment. And it can be any size.


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