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About me

My career as a Mom

In 1987 I left my career in investment banking and finally put my Ivy League diploma to work doing something truly important: raising a family. My husband and I have ten children, and I homeschooled them all, pre-K through 12th grade. When I had free time, I wrote books and blogs about family life. Six of my kids have now completed college, two are in college, and two are still at home. Three of my adult kids are married and raising families of their own. They're all great people, if I do say so myself.

Now that I have more free time than I used to, I really enjoy sharing with other moms the principles (and hacks!) I learned in my years of managing a home and loving my husband and children well.

My strengths

I'm good at asking questions that get to the heart of a matter: we don't need to spend weeks trying to figure out action steps.  And after 32 years on the job, there's a good chance I've encountered the issues that are plaguing you. Nothing about my advice is theoretical; I've dealt with rebellious children, struggling learners, health challenges, financial setbacks, endless laundry, chaotic schedules, home businesses, holiday and party planning, ceaseless meal preparation, and a disheveled home. You can't scare me.  :)

How I can help

I can develop a plan for you--a set of real, actionable steps to create a more peaceful, orderly home that serves the needs of everyone in the family, including Mom. After creating the plan, I'm available to communicate on a monthly basis to help you make the plan work. Whether that means training the kids to put their toys away, organizing your pantry, advising you on college applications, planning a party, creating chore charts, conquering sleep or potty training, raising respectful children, or just helping you slay your laundry monster, I'm here to help you solve problems and find joy.

My Talk at Brown University

On a panel with a Pulitzer Prize winner, a Nobel Laureate, a US Ambassador, and a 7-time All-Pro NFL wide receiver, I discussed my career as... a homemaker!

Putting the "happy" into strong happy family!

When my kids gather, one of their favorite activities is creating a music video together. You can see why I like them so much!

MOM COACHING Vs. PARENT COACHING? What's the difference?

A Mom Coach goes way beyond what a Parent Coach will touch.

A parent coach focuses on a narrow portion of a mom's world: her relationship with her kids. While this is probably the most important thing for any mother, it ignores the fact that successful parenting involves lots of practical elements that go beyond healthy communication. 

For example, if a child can't find his belongings, he might become frustrated and act out. A parent coach will just focus on the kid's behavior. A mom coach, on the other hand, will help set up a system so Junior can find his things, and she'll suggest healthy ways to guide Junior through his emotions.

A mom coach realizes that raising strong, happy children involves more than a little psychology; it takes a peaceful home that functions effeciently within its budget, traditions that bond the family together, meaningful work to give each memeber confidence, delicious meals enjoyed together, and times of rest.




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