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Books on Parenting

The book that spells it all out.


For years other moms would ask me, "How do you do it? You should write a book." 

So I did.

Keeping the Family Fed

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Keeping the Family Fed by Donna Baer

Creating three varied and nutritious meals a day, seven days a week is a Herculian task! I help break it down here. (And no, I don't freeze casseroles!)

Teaching Kids to Obey


This is the number one topic I'm asked to speak on! When kids obey their parents, family life is peaceful and productive.

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming Annoyed with your Kids


Ten practical ways to create a home where you enjoy your children.

Holiday Recipes

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Holiday Recipes by Donna Baer

These are my crowd-pleasing recipes that are both festive and easy to prepare--'cause Momma should enjoy the holidays too!

Helping Struggling Learners

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Helping Struggling Learners, by Donna Baer

Some of my children struggled academically--but all of them eventually experienced success in college. I share here some tips.

Teaching Kids to Be Virtuous

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Teaching Kids to Be Virtuous by Donna Baer

Kids aren't born loving goodness, beauty and truth. But you can teach them to be virtuous.

Organizing a Home

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Organizing a Home by Donna Baer

We rob ourselves of joy when we live in chaos. Here are some simple, tangible ways to create order in your home.

Sharing Your Faith with Your Kids

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Sharing your Faith with Your Kids

Some parents struggle with how to present their faith to their kids. Here are some suggestions for introducing sublime ideas to young people.

Getting the Laundry Done

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Getting the Laundry Done by Donna Baer

It. Never. Ends. 

Managing a family's laundry is a daunting task. Here are some useful strategies for taming the laundry beast.

Celebrating Holidays

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Celebrating Holidays

The holidays should be a time of celebration for everyone--including Mom. Here are ideas for creating cherished holiday memories without chaos and stress.

Getting Through a Miscarriage

Strong Happy Home Briefs: Getting Through a Miscarriage

The booklet offers comfort and hope as you grieve a loss that many people don't understand. You will get through pregnancy loss, but the sorrow is very real.

Praise for strong happy family

Pulitzer Prize winner David L. Marcus writes:

Strong Happy Family by Donna Baer

She writes about parenting in the same way she approaches parenting:  in a cheerful, practical style with surprising strategies for everything from assigning chores to dealing with ADHD."

Margaret Nyman, mother of seven and author of Hope for an Aching Heart writes:

Strong Happy Family

Raising 8 boys and 2 girls is the perfect place to learn effective parenting, and Donna Baer lets readers know how anyone can build a strong, happy family like hers. By choosing at-home motherhood over a high-flying career, she challenged the cultural supposition that large families are inconvenient, expensive, and lots ​of trouble. Instead she defends her choice by inviting us into her busy, joy-filled life, answering the 10 questions she’s most frequently asked. No subject is off limits, and readers get to peek into her closets, watch her discipline, learn how to keep 12 stomachs satisfied, and much more. After reading Donna’s book, I wish I could start raising my own family all over again!

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