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Practical, encouraging coaching for the hardest job on earth

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The Bible's Feasts

The Bible's Feasts

Study Leader's Guide

The Bible's Feasts

The Bible Feasts by Donna Baer

An introduction to the fascinating feasts in the Old Testament which recount history and prophesy the future. Written for young curious seekers of any age, and endorsed by notable theologians.

Study Guide

Study Leader's Guide

The Bible's Feasts


Perfect for a six-week group study of the Feasts.

Study Leader's Guide

Study Leader's Guide

Study Leader's Guide


This book will equip you to lead an engaging study of the Feasts.

About the Bible's Feasts

Why is Passover so important, and why do so many Christians now celebrate it?

Are there clues for finding the Messiah in the Old Testament’s Feasts?

How are Easter and the Bible’s Feasts connected?

Are there secrets in the Bible hidden in the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles?  

Do these Feasts predict events in the future?  

How can knowing these answers help me right now?  

Teenagers, youth groups, homeschoolers, and adults are all finding the answers to these questions in this highly acclaimed book. Endorsed by Erwin Lutzer, Mitch Glaser, Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Sarah Flashing, Margaret Nyman and others, The Bible’s Feasts unearths the secret treasures buried in the pages of the Bible.


Praise for The Bible's Feasts

Endorsements from Biblical Scholars

“In these pages, the Feasts of Israel span the centuries, coming to life not as ancient rituals but as a framework for all of redemptive story. Written to engage the teenage mind, but also instructive for the rest of us, we discover that the feasts of Israel are rich with prophecy and present day application. Proof of this book’s relevance is that Donna has taught its contents to many teenagers who, for the first time, see the Old Testament not as an ancient narrative, but a life-changing account of God’s intervention into human history. Read it, learn from it and recommend it to your friends.”

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Pastor Emeritus,

The Moody Church, Chicago   


“Some years ago my wife and I – both Jewish believers in the Messiah, wrote a book entitled the Fall Feasts of Israel to try and explain these three great biblical festivals to both Christians and Jewish people. It was our hope to help the reader understand the festival and discover the fulfillment of the festivals in Jesus the Messiah. Our book was geared towards adults but it was always my hope that someone would write a book relating these magnificent truths to young people. Donna Baer has now written this book and it is my pleasure to recommend The Bible’s Feasts to you and especially to Christian teenagers. I also believe The Bible’s Feasts will be helpful to young people who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Messiah and are seeking spiritual solutions to the everyday challenges they face.”

Dr. Mitch Glaser

Chosen People Ministries

“While many seek to replace the narrative of sin and redemption in the pages of scripture with a storyline that fits their own agenda, Donna has captured the redemptive meaning of the Feasts of Israel, evidencing that God’s plan of salvation was always central to the life of Israel and is the source of true hope for each of us today. For those who believe the Old Testament lacks relevance for faith in the 21st century, discovering the imagery of Christ and his love for us through an understanding of the Feasts will awaken your passion for sharing the gospel. A book for all ages, make this an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Christ and his mission — and share it with others.”

Sarah Flashing

The Center for Women of Faith in Culture

“Imagine the long sweep of Biblical history falling into place, making good sense, in one or two sittings with this brief book. How engaging for both teens and lifelong learners to consider the symbolic and prophetic meanings of the Feasts — of celebrations! — all fulfilled, and consummated, in Christ. Though I personally still hold prophetic fulfillment with questions, this thoughtful book helps us place our lives in the world’s most substantial and beautiful love story — God’s.”

Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Founder, Veritas Forum
Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas (IVP)

“Donna Baer has done a superb job simplifying a somewhat complicated topic. She details the 7 biblical feasts and finds particular significance in the months and days in which God directed his people to place these commemorative events. She also shows us why He set things up as He did. At the end of each chapter Donna draws some spectacular conclusions that are like hidden surprises she unwraps for all to see. Although her book is geared to young people, I learned a great deal, too, even after 67 years of reading the Bible. And her solid endorsements let me know it’s theologically safe for me to trust her insights. Every reader will benefit greatly from spending time with this book.”

Margaret Nyman
Hope for an Aching Heart
Discovery House Publishers

The Bible's Feasts DVD: The Spring Feasts

The Bible's Feasts DVD: The Spring Feasts 

Readers' Reviews

I so enjoyed reading the book The Bible’s Feasts by Donna Baer. She has a lovely way of connecting all the Bible verses related to the Feasts of Israel and explaining them with beautiful words and imagery. The depth with which she writes is astounding (definitely inspired by the Holy Spirit) and yet she explains everything simply enough for all to understand. Thank you for sharing this delightful book. -L.L. 

The plans and details of God still never cease to amaze me!! You can tell that this book is geared toward the younger generation, but those of us who call ourselves mature will sure get a great deal out of this book. Donna Baer has taken a subject that you don’t hear or study much about from the bible, The Levitical Feasts, and shows us how God ordained and planned them to point to the coming Messiah. Wow God! Yes, you will want to read this book and see how the feasts that are celebrated in commemoration of events long ago were a prophetic plan of God to reveal the Savior to us!! Very well written and organized to show us just how great of a read the bible truly can be. There is so much in the Bible that it makes me want to pick it up even now and search for such great treasure as this book has pointed out to us. I read “The Bible Feasts” just in time for a blessing on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday this year, with the knowledge to be able to look back and think about the Israelites celebrating the Passover Meal, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of Firstfruits knowing these were ALL fulfilled in Jesus Christ. -J.L. 

This is a great book. I just read the Feast of Weeks chapter last week and cried my eyes out thinking about how incredible God is. I couldn’t help but get on my knees and praise him after reading it. -J.H. 

I just finished Donna Baer’s, THE BIBLE’S FEASTS. It was well organized and easy to read. It was chock full of details about the seven feasts. So much of the information was new to me. It was really exciting to see God’s hand in each one of the feasts. The author does a brilliant job of explaining the purpose of each feast. . The book holds your attention and I was intrigued to read the next chapter. I would very highly recommend this book to young adults and full fledged adults, as well. Looking forward to the next book. -C.T. 

If you’ve ever wondered about the full meaning of the God ordained feasts of the Old Testament, don’t miss Donna’s beautiful little book. She has connected the dots with clarity and integrity, in a way that makes the reader hungry for more! -M.P. 

I highly recommend reading this book. The Bible came alive for me as the author pointed out the many moments where the Old Testament pointed to New Testament. The book clearly connects the dots to understand references in the Bible to the Feasts. The book is perfect for someone seeking to understand God’s word and apply this knowledge to one’s life. A must read. -C.L. 

Donna Baer’s explanation of the Bible’s Feasts pulls together like the pieces of a puzzle to reveal a clear picture of the Messiah. I highly recommend this book to anyone, young or old, who wants a deeper understanding of the Bible’s feasts. It was fun to read and held my interest from beginning to end. Her book explains how the Feasts are not individual events but rather belong together as parts of one great story. Together they point to and bring the reader to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. I liked the many references to supporting passages and how they enrich the picture and true meaning of the Feasts. I am more confident that ever that I have a secure future for all of eternity because of Jesus Christ!  -K.K. 

Like all theology, it studies “God” and “our relationship with him.” But it does so with a fast-paced and insightful look at the Jewish feasts. The Jewish feasts after all are something that God gave his people, so that the Jewish nation would understand God and his relationship with them. They would understand Him and their experience with Him by walking through their national calendar and remembering as they celebrated their national feast days. In other words Donna’s book underscores that the Bible’s feasts are God’s own way of vividly teaching. He used this method to teach the Jewish people and now to teach us, Jews and Gentiles who have been included in God’s ancient promises, as we study the Jewish feasts and learn the immense truths of Christ which they so eloquently picture. My biggest takeaway from learning about the Jewish feasts is how detestable our sin is, but how fully and totally it is forgiven through the Lord’s work on the Cross. The Bible’s Feasts is recommended as a personal devotional, a group study, a homeschool study, and for use in one on one discipleship. The writing style is lively but also helpful and precise in its observations. -J.S. 

This book is so special and devotional to be reading at this time of year, as the Jews prepare to celebrate Passover, and of course with Palm Sunday and Easter around the corner. It is very good! I’m getting a refresher on the Feasts as well as learning new aspects/parallels and the connections with the calendar throughout Israel’s history. Chosen Ministries is sending a representative to do a shortened version of the seder supper for our Good Friday service and it will be so much more meaningful, just having read these description of the events. It has to be God who has orchestrated all of these events and the meanings attached. To Him be the glory! -J.S. 

I highly recommend this book. I have been a Christian for decades and never understood the Jewish feasts and how they relate to Christianity. It is easy to read and understand, relevant and thought provoking for teens as well as adults. There is a study guide available for leading groups, also highly recommended. -D.C.